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Will new technology really solve the current business issues? Will it enable capabilities that currently are not realized? Is your business ready for new technology? Winslow-Bainbridge has the experience to help your company understand whether technology is the right investment or if more fully leveraging existing technology or processes would better position your company to deliver value.


Investing in the selection process will reduce not only the Total Cost of Ownership but prepare your organization for the significant changes that take place with the introduction of new technologies. From requirements gathering to the RFP process and demos through contract negotiations Winslow-Bainbridge can lead or support your organization through the entire acquisition life cycle.


Winslow BI provides the practical business experience that most software implementers lack. We can provide subject matter expertise across multiple disciplines; Accounting, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics and project management. We take risk out of your technology projects.


With most technology projects the real value comes months after the go-live date. Your team is well off the learning curve, the pizza parties are over and the reality of the new or existing technology has settled in. Winslow-Bainbridge can help your team fully leverage your technology.


Winslow BI is technology agnostic. We help companies of all sizes rationalize, select and implement the appropriate technology based on their stage of growth, industry and business environment.