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From procurement through manufacturing/distribution to the end customer experience Winslow BI has the experience to develop your operations road map to market. We have the expertise to rationalize your procurement, manufacturing & distribution strategies from concept to delivery.


Winslow BI has the experience and know-how to make existing operations function better. We can assess scalability, optimize existing capacities or technologies and ensure your company is delivering value at the least total delivered cost across your supply chain.

Leadership & Tactical Support

Some companies grow so fast they outgrow their existing operational or technical infrastructure as well as the skill set of the existing team.
Winslow BI has the experience stepping in to augment the existing team at all levels of the operation from General Management or VP Operations to plant scheduling, logistics manager or buyer. Not only can Winslow augment your team, we will improve the process infrastructure to handle the growth and complexity of your business.


We are a team of professionals providing consulting expertise to mid-tier and large scale customers across North America.